Saturday, May 14, 2011

DOTA v6.69b LOD V4 English MAP

Map Name: DotA v6.69b LoD v4 English
Map Author: IceFrog
Map Description: X G M . R U Translated by Anom No Aftershock, Rearm.
Recommended Players: 10

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paid to Chat with RO2

How It Works?
1. Just register HERE.
2. Just chat with people inside the room. There's different room inside the site which you can choose.
3. With 100% referral commission. That means, you'll also receive your referral's earnings.

Minimum amount to cashout is only $1.00Cashout button will appear in your Statistics once you reach $1.00 and you can then request your payment. Cashouts are usually processed within 2-3 hours.


I earned above during my free-time only.
How much more if I'll work full-time?
If you want to earn like above,



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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adult Webmaster $222PPS Join Now! and make up to 3k+ a week!!!

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Simply put you should sign up and make lot of money very easily.

What is it about?
Adult Webmaster Empire Webmaster Affiliate Program is for adult webmasters who want to refer customers to us for appropriate compensation. Our affiliate program is free to join and is a good way to offer something new to your surfers so they will come back more often to your site. We will provide you with a unique linking code that will allow us to track sales that you generate for us.

How much can I earn?
As an affiliate you will be given a 30% commission for sales that are generated from your link.
**[NOTE: Reach over $1500 payout in 1 period (15 days) and we will boost your payout with additional 5%. Go over $3000 payout in 1 period (15 days) and we will boost your payout with additional 10%. These will be calculated from your actual payout at the end of each period. If your payout falls below these numbers in the next period, you will get 30% again.]

How can I promote your webcam sites?
We have a whole bunch of ways you can promote our site, like banners, text links and javascripts, but best of all, you can have your very own webcams page tailored to your needs to fit your existing website's design (co-branded page). We are always open to new ideas and concepts, so you can always contact us for special deals. Please do not replicate, copy, or try to imitate any part of our sites. We reserve the right to warn and/or suspend/terminate affiliates that are found using questionable marketing techniques.

Feel free to send us visitors any way you want, but please respect other peoples privacy and DO NOT spam. Spamming results om immediate disqualification of our affiliate program. Sites promoting, linking to or depicting any form of underage pornography will be automatically disqualified and reported to the proper authorities.

Zero tolerance policy on adware and spyware: Traffic sent to any of our sites through any form of adware/spyware is strictly prohibited. The accounts of affiliates found to be using such methods to promote our sites will be suspended immediately.

Privacy policy
In order to keep in touch with our webmasters, we need a valid e-mail address so when you sign up, please double check if the mail you gave us is correct. We will not abuse your e-mail address in any way, it will never be sold or given out to third party organizations or companies. The same goes to all personal information you share with us (like banking info, name, address, etc.)

Pay periods
Revenues earned between 1st and 15th each month are paid on the 10th of the following month.Revenues earned between 16th and 31st are paid on the 25th of the following month.
Payments are done by check, ePassporte, Payoneer or wire-transfer. The minimum amount for checks is $100, $300 for wire-transfers and $50 for ePassporte and Payoneer. Your balance will be carried over to the next period until you reach your minimum limit.

Program options
Revenue Share (REVS 30% min):
Earn 30% of all sales generated through your link. Make over $1500 per period and and get an extra 5%, make over $3000 to get an extra 10%! Rebills are tracked by your affiliate code stored in a browser cookie on the users' PC. (Cookie validity: 14 days non rewritable, renewable after 14 days.)

Pay Per Signup (PPS $222):
Earn a fixed $ 222 per each new member sent to our webcam sites. The easiest way to make some fast bucks.

Webmaster and Cam Model Referrals (2 Tier):
Refer cam models or other affiliates to AWE and you will earn 36% of their earnings. Have these people refer any affiliate, cam model or even a member, and make up to 18%!

Up to 20% Lifetime revenue sharing through your Co-Branded Live Cam Site (COBR)
Create your custom Co-Branded Live Cam Site and earn up to 20% of purchases on your Co-Brand.

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Let Your Pc Work For You!!!

CashGopher was created by the same people who created myLot (, the internet's premier destination for making money while contributing to discussions online. myLot has a flawless reputation with on-time monthly payments each and every month since myLot was created way back in April, 2005. You can expect the same payment reliability with CashGopher.

CashGopher Requirements:

* Computer(More PCs=More $$)
*PayPal Account!!

First Create An Account Here
Then Download Their Software!Install it to all of you PCs to earn more!
Then Add it to startup items! (Usually it automatically adds to your startup items) 
Every time that you open your pc that software will run at tray!! 
While You surfing at the internet you will earn $$ without doing nothing!!!!

How it works?

Payment Proof 

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Make Money by Uploading and Sharing Images

IMAGETWIST is a free image hosting, photo sharing & earn money

 And it provides free image hosting and photo uploading service for social networks, forums, blogs and websites. in addition registered members…


Benefits of Imagetwist

1.We Pay Up to 1.35$ For Each 1000 Image Views.
2.Minimum Payment only 1.00$
3.Convert 4000 Points To 1.00$
4.No Hidden Rules To Hold Your Payments.
5.We Deal With Payments Every Day.
6.We Pay 10% Of Points Earned By Each User You Refer.
7.Images Of Any Size Qualify To Earn Points.
8.Payments Via Paypal or AlertPay or MoneyBookers.
9.We Will Pay Your Paypal Fees. You Will Receive The Money You Earned.
10.People All Over World Qualify For Rewards Program.
11.All Legal Porn Images Are Allowed


Tier 1 - United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Tier 2 - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Tier 3 - Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia

Tier 4 - Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Singapore

If the country from which you can send traffic is not listed above email us to and we may add that country.

Tier 1 - 1.35$ Per 1000 Unique Views (5.40 Points Per Unique View)
Tier 2 - 0.50$ Per 1000 Unique Views (2.00 Points Per Unique View)
Tier 3 - 0.10$ Per 1000 Unique Views (0.40 Points Per Unique View)
Tier 4 - 0.03$ Per 1000 Unique Views (0.12 Points Per Unique View)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

CPALead Technique

Want to make this quick.

If you want personal help.
I require you use my CPA referral :)

For Moderate skill users::

If you don't have a CPAlead account yet, go get one!!! Here is a quick tut to get one :
Click Me Please.

1: Buy a month of VPN.
From this website here.
This VPN is the best one I have ever seen. It has over 4k different IP's.

2: Download the VPN program.

3: Download Sandbox here.
This is to be an easy way to remove all content you just looked at.

4: But first go to a different section on your website that doesn't have the CPA on it.
You will need to make a link to the CPA section on the section that doesn't have it.(Gives the link a referral)
You will always be using the link you created on that page to go to your CPA section.

5: Once you have sandboxie and the VPN installed.
Run the VPN and select random North America. Then click change IP.
Once it sucesfully changed your IP, right click on your favorite web browser, and run in sandbox.
Your web browser will pop up with a # # in the title of the window.
Go to your website that has the the CPA on it.

6: Now go to your CPAlead section with the VPN on, and the sandbox up.
Click on any survey wait for it to load. Then exit the loaded window.
Then click another survey, wait for it to load again, then exit window.
Now click on the survey you want to actually do.
Do the survey.

7: Once you completed the survey and your CPA section says you passed.
Exit web browser. Go to your sandbox window( If it is not up, on your tray icon open it up.)
Right click on the "Sandbox DefaultBox"
And select Delete contents, then click delete all contents.

Now on the VPN hit change IP, it will auto do random new IP.
Then open up your favorite web browser again with sandbox, and repeat.

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Shorten you URL with ITY.IM

Do you know how to make Money online. I google a lot to find it. I got so many resources, little bit Confused about that all. It’s really hectic.

last night just checking my tweets i got a Short URL website and I started using the short url service to shorten my links. Get a small URL and get paid.

Its really Nice. I like the idea of making money online with small URL service. All you need to do is, shorten your link and post it in Twitter or any other Social Networking site. You can earn an instant $0.20 bonus for each click u get. When any-one follows your shortened urls, you will earn cash! Amount of money increases as much u get traffic to your short URL..

• Get paid to create small urls on the internet!
• Upload images and get small urls for them!
• Add custom content such as banner exchanges to your destination pages!
• Get paid to promote and refer friends!
• Win weekly cash prizes!
• Own a website or blog? Monetize your website with!
• Have a phpBB,Vbulliten forum Monetize it!
• Have a wordpress blog? Monetize it!
• An API is available for custom integration into your websites!

Wish this will help you to earn money with small URL.

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